RenovaTec is a high-quality wall cladding component, supported by a honeycomb polypropylene panel and a UV-cured acrylic surface. Very light with extreme stability and capacity! RenovaTec convinces with a high brilliance through an abrasion resistant UV-lacquer coat on the glass laminate surface and a high pressure-carrying capacity.

RenovaTec ist water repellent, stain-resistant and temperature resistant and is particularly suitable for damp rooms. This wall cladding can be easily maintained, cleaned and processed and can be used (among other things) for example as a tile replacement in the kitchen area, bathroom and in sanitary areas. RenovaTec also holds up drilling, gluing, sawing, milling and screwing.

RenovaTec is available in the standard colors (white, magnolia, black, anthracite gray, silver gray, red) and on demand also as a decorated plate. Ask us about our current collection!


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