Panthēra is an Antifingerprint Surface, primarily produced as laminates (CPL or HPL), which convinces with its sublime ultramat optic, haptic and usability. The surface is very robust and adaptable, but still soft. It is refined and completely closed by an electron beam treatment. Thereby the surface becomes robust, water repellent and UV-resistant. Fingerprints have no choice on this high quality product!

Main charachteristics of Panthēra:

• ultramat surface such as Panther’s skin

• antifingerprint equipment for stable quality and sublime optic

• easily repairable in case of microscratches by rubbing / deeper damages by moderate supply of thermal energy, i.e. iron

• PANTHĒRA can be applied to desired core material with common glues, PUR, etc. and processed easily with every common woodworking machinery

• no splitting of edge

• no stress whitening because of solid coloured material

• surface protected by special developed´heat-sealing-film

• Universal applicability in the interior desging and furniture production (vertical and horizontal use)manual furniture construction

• Ecologically worthwhile: the surfaces PANTHĒRA are free of PVC, phenol and melamine. Additionally, they are antibacterial, food safe and easily cleanable.


Technical data sheet: Technical_data_sheet_Panthera.pdf

Product flyer: Product_flyer_Panthera.pdf

To the Panthēra family of products also belongs the nano lacquered composit panel NATRIX. Similar surface charachteristics, but different technology. For more information please take a look at the dedicated product page. 

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