PITON is a paint composite panel, which convinces with its optic, haptic and usability. Like the skin of the PITON-snake, the surface is very robust and adaptable, but still soft. The surface is refined and completely closed by an electron beam. Thereby the surface becomes robust, water repellent and UV-resistant. Requirement for our unique plate material is the homogenous, coloured construction with an extremely resistant surface, on which fingerprints have no chance thanks to the anti-fingerprint.

PITON is very versatile and suitable for application in the fields of interior, kitchen and bathroom. We also offer you individual versions. The composite panel does not require a complex processing and can be easily edited using conventional tools.

It can be selected between a MDF-support material and a HPL-support material. Different support materials are possible upon request and examination.


  • anti-fingerprint
  • scratch resistant
  • coloured surface
  • velvety touch
  • durable quality
  • very simple processing
  • easy to maintain
  • repairable surface
  • water repellent
  • antibacterial
  • food safe
  • antigraffiti: permanent surface protection, resitant to felt pens, nail polish, colour spray
  • phenol-free HPL (on demand)


Technical data sheet and colour range sheet:



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